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Did you know Dr. Pepper was invented in Waco in 1885 – preceding Coca Cola by one year. And in 1978, the first of many mammoth skeletons was discovered near Waco. It is now one of the most important paleontological sites in the world. Take our Waco Drivers Ed Course and get your license!

Take your Permit Test Online!

No need to go take your test at the DPS and risk failing. We’ll give you a completion certificate for your Permit – take it to the DPS and just do your eye exam and get your permit

You’ll Receive a Certificate!

Everyone likes certificates and ours is a real nice one. You’ll be able to download it after you’ve completed your permit test and after you’ve finished the entire course. That’s right! We give you 2 certificates. The certificates are available for you to download at any time.

Specially designed for mobile devices

We get it. ¬†You need something portable and easy to use. We designed our course specifically to work on any mobile device. It also works nicely on a laptop or desktop. You can actually use all of them if you want to – but we don’t recommend using all of them at the same time – that seems like overkill!

Tablet and Mobile Capable Defensive Driving Course